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Wid Name Gaon Panchayat Address File no Recommendation received on Moved for P and E/TS/documents P and E received on Department Year Scheme Estimate (in lacs) Administrative Approval Date Amount sanctioned RTGS amount against 1st installment RTGS date against 1st installment Deadline Tender Value (in lacs) Award Date Target date Physical Progress (in %) Physical Progress in Last Month (in %) Financial Progress (in lacs) Progress as on Date UC and other documents received on 1st reminder issued on 2nd reminder issued on Show cause notice Inspection FRO final installment amount FRO final installment date RTGS amount against 2nd installment RTGS date against 2nd installment Present status Remarks Contractor Details
512Construction of Boulder Retaining Wall from Hakika...KumuriVill- Hurkakuchi, Kumuri, Balijana Dev. Block, Goa...GDCP. 107/MP Dhubri/2016/Pt/IDRDA2015-164-Dhubri HPC4.912/23/1600602.979210/09/171st Installment PaidFirst instalment released to the CC on 29/03/2017....Construction Committee
768Construction of Community hall at Lakhipur Block P...District LevelLAKHIPURBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan1005/19/170000Recommended
1024Const.o f AWC at Joybhum BihariparaDistrict LevelJoybhum BihariparaBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan70000Recommended
513Construction of Community Hall at Chakla under Kar...KariparaChakla, Karipara, Matia Dev. Block, Goalpara under...DRDA2015-164-Dhubri HPC4.912/23/16001004.909/25/172nd Installment PaidIR received on 17/08/2017. Put up on 22/08/2017 al...Construction Committee
769construction of Community hall at Pub Nikaripara District LevelPub Nikaripara BLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan1005/19/170000Recommended
1025Const. of AWC at 110 No. Pachim Nikaripara District LevelPachim Nikaripara BLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan70000Recommended
514Construction of Class Room of Jawaharlal Nehru ME ...HarimuraHarimura, Matia Dev. Block, Goalpara under 4 Dhubr...GDCP. 43/2017DRDA2015-164-Dhubri HPC4.904/03/1700602.9410/09/171st Installment PaidFirst installment released on 11/05/2017. Timeline...Construction Committee
770construction of Community hall at Faringapara High...District LevelFARINGAPARABLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan1005/19/170000Recommended
1026Const. of AWC at 186 No.Saktola Pt-IIDistrict LevelSaktola Pt-IIBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan70000Recommended
515Construction of Boulder Retaining Wall at Kharmuza...KharmuzaUjanpara, Kharmuza, Kharmuza Dev. Block, Goalpara ...GDCP. 107/MP Dhubri/2016/Pt/IIIDRDA2015-164-Dhubri HPC4.902/06/1700602.979210/09/171st Installment PaidFirst instalment released to the CC on 20/02/2017....Construction Committee
771Construction of Addl. Class room at NAYAPARA LPSDistrict LevelNAYAPARABLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan4.805/19/170000Recommended
1027Const. of Mini AWC at KamarpurDistrict LevelKamarpurBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan70000Recommended
516Construction of Boundary Wall of Dapkarbhita Kabar...KhalishabhitaDapkarbhita, Jaleswar Dev. Block, Goalpara under 4...DRDA2015-164-Dhubri HPC4.912/27/1600602.979210/09/171st Installment PaidFirst installment released to the CC on 20/03/2017...Construction Committee
772Construction of Addl. Class room at KHOLIPATARI LP...District LevelKHOLIPATARI BLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan4.805/19/170000Recommended
1028Const. of AWC at Jurigaon PaulparaDistrict LevelJurigaon PaulparaBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan70000Recommended
517Construction of Boundary Wall of Paschim Saldhowa ...GaurnagarPaschim Saldhowa, Jaleswar Dev. Block, Goalpara un...DRDA2015-164-Dhubri HPC5.8812/27/16001005.8809/25/171st Installment PaidIR received on 03/08/2017. Put up on 18/08/2017. F...Construction Committee
773Construction of Addl. Class room at NO 820 SHIAL K...District LevelSHIAL KANDABLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan4.805/19/170000Recommended
1029Const. of Mini AWC at BoalmariDistrict Level BoalmariBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan70000Recommended
518Const of Staff Quarter (ANM) at Kanyakuchi S.D.DaranggiriDARANGGIRIBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan12.505/19/170000Recommended
774Construction of Addl. Class room at RAJMITA PACHIM...District LevelRAJMITA PACHIMPARABLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan4.805/19/170000Recommended
1030Const. of AWC at Krishnapur, Joyramkuchi District LevelJoyramkuchi BLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan70000Recommended
519Const. of Patient waiting hall at Dudhnoi CHC& FRUDudhnoiDUDHNOIBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan1005/19/170000Recommended
775Construction of Addl. Class room at TEKONA EAST LP...District LevelTEKONA EASTBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan4.805/19/170000Recommended
1031Const. of Market Shed at Bolaikhamar BazarDistrict LevelBolaikhamar BazarBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan150000Recommended
520Const. of OPD dressing Room at Dudhnoi CHC & FRUDudhnoiDUDHNOIBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan250000Recommended
776Construction of Addl. Class room at TEKONA NORTH L...District LevelTEKONA NORTHBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan4.805/19/170000Recommended
1032Construction of Boundary Wall of Kaushalya Das LP ...Goalpara-ULBWard No. 19, Goalpara Town, Balijana Dev. Block, u...DRDA2014-154-Dhubri HPC302/19/1700601.810/09/171st Installment Paid1st installment released on 06/06/2017. Timeline 0...Construction Committee
521Const of New Doctor's Quarter at Daranggiri S.D.DaranggiriDARANGGIRIBLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan2005/19/170000Recommended
777 Construction of Addl. Class room at BHIMKHOZ LPDistrict LevelBHIMKHOZ BLD2016-17MsDP 12th Five Year Plan4.805/19/170000Recommended
1033Construction of Boundary Wall at Kalyanpur Arabic ...KalyanpurKalyanpur, Kharmuza Dev. Block, Goalpara under 4 D...DRDA2014-154-Dhubri HPC503/04/1600100509/25/172nd Installment PaidIR recieved from AEE, Goalpara Sub-Division Irriga...Construction Committee